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Covid 19 Donation

Posted: 5 Jun 2020

During the current Covid 19 lockdown in Namibia,  Taeuber & Corssen has reached out to our most vulnerable fellow Namibians. Many have lost their income and are in dire need of assistance.

In collaboration with 2 community bakeries,  J & A Bakery and  Fresh ‘n Bake, we had the chance  to make a huge difference.  Taeuber & Corssen donated 30 Boxes wet yeast, supplied by  Anchor Yeast, and 60 boxes dried onions.  With these ingredients,  these two bakeries offered to bake  3500 loaves of bread free of charge.

What an extraordinary  community contribution!

The coffee & bread was distributed to the Khomas Regional Council and to the City of Windhoek,  who are part of numerous feeding projects.

On the photos are Bernatius Shatilwa,  representative of Taeuber & Corssen, Mrs Alina Naidjala, Mr Moses Joseph and Lydia of Fresh ‘n Bake and Mr. Julias from J&A Bakery.

“Giving for a better tomorrow.”

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