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Use the below to submit your water meter readings each month. Submitting your own meter readings helps to ensure that your municipal account's water consumption rate is calculated with greater accuracy. It also helps you determine if their are any leakages and to see how you can save on your water usage. It's good idea to follow a set start and end date each month. For example always take the reading on the 1st day of a month and the last day of the month. 1 January - 31 January.

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061 293 2000


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Who we are

The Taeuber & Corssen group of companies was established in 1920 making it one of the oldest trading businesses in Namibia. Over the past century T&C has played a crucial part in evolving Namibia FMCG market, with dedicated Key account management, Brand management, Sales and Merchandising and streamlined IT processes.

This drive for continuous improvement has also provided the group with created highly experienced teams and in-depth insight across all FMCG categories coupled with first class local knowledge of buying trends in the local consumer market. 

Today T&C is a premier Sales and Distribution company with its head office in Windhoek, distributing a wide variety of premium FMCG product brands in the retail, hospitality and other sectors on behalf of a broad spectrum of South African and International principals and manufacturers.


We will be the leading Sales and Distribution Group in Namibia, as recognized by our Principals, Customers, Shareholders, Personnel and Competitors.

  • People – Competently aligned with our business structure, powered by the T&C culture.
  • Products – Top quality branded products that enjoy consumer preference.
  • Footprint – Truly national, with facilities that accommodate ambient through to frozen products, proudly serving the Retail as well as Hospitality customers

Our Management

Mike Samson

Managing Director
MDs Office

Edwina Hashikutuva

Manager: Human Resources

Alba Greef

Compliance Manager
MDs Office

Gielie van Wyk

General Manager
TC Retail

Adre le Riche

General Manager
TC Hospitality

Bianca Karsten



Taeuber and Corssen was founded in 1920 by Konrad Taeuber and Fritz Corssen as manufacturers’ representatives. The guiding governance principles of the founders remain entrenched in our business ethics and relationships, event today. In December 2011 T&C became part of Bidvest Namibia.

Over the years the group has adopted business modernisation systems, methods and best practices, expanded its reach, fleet, facilities and various food brands that in turned made it the leading FMCG sales and distribution business in the country. Today T&C still represents a number of the original principals and manufacturers.


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